JAMES BLOOM (XX) Burner - Generative art... - Lot 85 - Blanchet & Associés

Lot 85
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Estimation :
20000 - 25000 EUR
Result : NC
JAMES BLOOM (XX) Burner - Generative art... - Lot 85 - Blanchet & Associés
JAMES BLOOM (XX) Burner - Generative art - Paper printout of NFT information accompanied by a standard NFT ERC-721 issued on the Ethereum blockchain Digital NFT Smart contract: 0xaee0...07ef Token ID: xx/256 BURNER is a dynamic cryptoart series that changes with each block in response to live data on the price of gas (The term "gas" has a very specific meaning in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is used to measure and regulate the costs of processing transactions on a blockchain, in particular on the Ethereum platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications). A total of 256 interconnected works of art depend on the state of the blockchain. As use of the Ethereum network increases due to price volatility, NFT sales or other factors, a more powerful work of art develops. BURNER is not controlled by the artist, but by the Ethereum virtual machine and its users. Biography: James Bloom is a London-based artist whose work combines conceptual digital abstraction with original innovations in blockchain code. Deliberately working with the dopamine-triggering colors and movements of video games and market interfaces, he creates altered digital images that examine themes around the fetishization of digital technology and the influence of network systems on perception.
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