INSIGHT (XX) Quantum collapses - Generative... - Lot 87 - Blanchet & Associés

Lot 87
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2500 - 3000 EUR
Result : NC
INSIGHT (XX) Quantum collapses - Generative... - Lot 87 - Blanchet & Associés
INSIGHT (XX) Quantum collapses - Generative art - Paper printout of NFT information accompanied by a standard NFT ERC-721 issued on the Ethereum blockchain Digital NFT, Ed. 1/1 Smart contract: 0xa7d8...d270 Token ID: 27... Collection Heritage Art Blocks : Factory Project description: The Quantum Collapses project lies at the intersection of art, science and technology. It is a constantly evolving interactive journey into Hilbert space, where quantum states live. The richness and mysteries of this space are reminiscent of our unconscious. 25 years of passionate scientific research in the field of quantum optics have culminated in this work, which pays tribute to the magic of quantum physics and the digital quantum era that lies ahead. You can interact with them in different ways, but according to the laws of quantum theory. New works of art emerge from the interaction between the user, unitary evolution and quantum chance.
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