JONATHAN CHOMKO (1988) Natural static - Generative... - Lot 88 - Blanchet & Associés

Lot 88
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1000 - 1500 EUR
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JONATHAN CHOMKO (1988) Natural static - Generative... - Lot 88 - Blanchet & Associés
JONATHAN CHOMKO (1988) Natural static - Generative art - Paper printout of NFT information accompanied by a standard NFT ERC-721 issued on the Ethereum blockchain Digital NFT Smart contract: 0x43fe...ca9f Token ID: xx/260 "Natural Static is a generative NFT series that powers natural motion video in a pixel-based water simulation, creating representations of physical motion that are highly digital and deeply analog." Jonathan Chomko, 2023. Biography: Jonathan Chomko (b. 1988, Canada) is an artist who works with and against technology. His works examine the junction between the physical and digital worlds, exploring how digital forces translate and act on the physical world, and how physical phenomena and expression are modulated when they penetrate the digital. Chomko's work has been exhibited in institutions such as the Museum of 21st Century Arts (Italy, 2013), Sydney Opera House (Australia, 2014), Media Ambition Tokyo (Japan, 2016), London Design Museum (UK, 2015), Cube Design Museum (Netherlands, 2020) and Théâtre du Chatelet (France, 2020). His public work has been shown in Bristol (UK, 2014), London (UK, 2016), Tokyo (Japan, 2016), Austin (USA, 2019) and Paris (France, 2020). Her work is held in public and private collections in the UK, Canada and Japan.
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